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This feature provide you a clear idea about your day-to-day business activities with a graphical representations.

Diagnostic Lab Software

Billing & Invoicing Management

Track end to end finance, manage bills & invoices for all patients and centres from a single place.

Lab Pathology Software

Appointment Management

Booking appointments for Patients is available 24x7 through Web & Mobile and booked daily/weekly/monthly with scheduled follow-up visits. Notifications are sent to Patients via Email, SMS .

Pathology Lab Software

Staff maintenance

Add your laboratory staff and manage their attendance and aslo Page Access rights for Admin only.So you can also have an eye on your human resource management.

Best Pathology Lab Management Software

Default Test Feature

600+ default test list and also you easily create new test and test values, prices.Make Group test, Bulk report edit,etc..

Low-Cost Lab Software in Salem


Doctor list, staff list, Profile, Referral list and also referral wise payment details, Doctor cut off details,Report Desin pages.


Admin Approval

When using Admin Verify menu option, Staff users have to wait for Admin to Verify and Approve the Test results, Once Admin Approval completed, Staff can able to Print the Test Reports.

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Appointment Management

Booking appointments for Patients is available 24x7 through Web & Mobile App. Appointments can be booked daily/weekly/monthly with scheduled follow-up visits. View case history, lab tests Reports, payment details and track patients histories.

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Continous Upgrading

constantly adapts to new technologies and always tries to give our users the latest digital experience, and give our clients an ease of use environment.

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Customized your Reports

Create and archive documents using the built-in editor. Customize and use the document template.Letterpad reports or QR code-based reports as per requests. Print the document and send it to the patient.


Patient Communication

SMS sent to patient when test result is ready. No need for any manual call to intimate patient. Easily set-up SMS campaigns, Reports and invoice via the WhatsApp & emails.

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Digital Signature

Now signing your documents or bills is very easy all you need to do is add your digital signature to our software then assign where they should be displayed and our software takes care of the rest process.

Niglabs Download,How to Download Niglab

Formulas/ Derivation Values

Easy to add formulas for test results. The final value would be computed based on the result. No need to do any manual computations.


Outsource invoice

Generate Invoice for Outsourcing Lab as per Rate Plan. Invoice can be raised at bill level or for over a period.To Maintain credits and Debit wise reports.


SMS Campaign

Do more with less effort, gain time and drive better results. Let automation work for you! Gain more with WayMore. Reach your patients easily via sms.